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Fuck Opus Dei

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Ok! Sheepstreetsquat has a messageboard where you can announce lots of stuff. It's there for discussions, ideas, pressreleases, ... to announce gigs, ... Remeber: everybody reads what you write: so be smart and don't use any real names.You also gotta 'register' and shit. But we did that for you. Use 'lowie' as your username AND as your password.
To the messageboard!

Boycot Marktrock

Boycot Marktrock was a succes! The first day about 200 people visited the squat. There were some gigs with mostly local bands. Chipmunk played great HC, Mutual Aid rocked, Ulrike's Dream played brutal grindcore with polically influenced lyrics and Mangenerated made an awefull noise.

A lot of people came to the Disco-party and the Reggae-party. To dance, to have fun...and to boycot Marktrock ;)

The last day the hiphopparty and the cardsplayersnight ended pretty early.

In about 4 days hundreds of people visited the squat (from punks to hiphoppers and reggaefreaks). So this shows that young people in Leuven need to have a place of their own.

The boycot marktrock-flyer can be found here